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Why I choose to study in France, twice

As an international student, what is relevant to you to choose a country to study? What higher education supposed to be? How could International studying experience benefits you?

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Before answering this question, I would like to clarify whether studying abroad or studying in the home country has its advantages, there is no better or worse. For students who are planning to start a new journey in a foreign country, need to understand except for academic achievement, what kind of lifestyle you want to try.

Why I study in France

I recently finished the MBA program from Grenoble Ecole de Management as my second master's program in France, therefore, I have been asked by many people that why I choose to study in this country twice.

July is graduation season every year, and it is also the time for international students to start preparing for the new semesters. 10 years ago, I was a junior student at the university who was planning my further study, I decided to choose a country that I want to go instead of picking a school or specialties. If the living conditions in a country are unacceptable to me, even if I go to a good school, my life will be extremely painful. As an art student, my passion is always on historical architectures, museums, art exhibitions, music, literature and etc, and I also have a huge interest in learning French, even though I knew it is really difficult. With the curiosity of French life, I decided to study here.

The two years I experienced in Paris truly opened my mind to the fashion and luxury industry, which benefited my career later. Even though the first year was extremely tough, I managed to survive and was able to enjoy the life of Paris in the following year. After two years of working back to Shanghai, I felt my lack of business knowledge, which made me be powerless in my work. Also, returning to live in China brought me unprecedented pressure, and I realized that I had lost the ability and motivation to think independently. I began to think back to my life in France. I could plan my life actively every day, and I was always enthusiastic to try new things. After serious consideration, I decided to return to France to study and live, not only to improve my professional knowledge but also because I missed the local life. In my opinion, a country's culture and living environment are more important than a diploma for studying abroad.

What "high education " means

Study in GEM brings me the next level experience of higher education. More specialized courses, high intensity, and international learning experience have fully exercised my ability. The biggest challenge for me was to move from a creative industry to a logical business field. But that's what higher education is about:

  • More in-depth and professional study

  • More comprehensive personal ability enhancement

  • A broader view

  • Be more confident in the face of challenges

Suggestion for individuals

Don't be judgmental

Finally, I would like to say that international studying experience could benefit you only when you are willing to embrace a new environment and lifestyle with an opening mind. This unique experience will make you more independent, rational, objective, and courageous when you are willing to break through the biases.

What is your opinion about studying abroad? Welcome to share your experience with me.