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I'm Sylvie WU, a Chinese loves French life living in Grenoble.

The purpose of this international education website is to help Chinese students understand the culture, life, and higher education of France. Meanwhile, it also helps French schools to understand Chinese students and promote learning exchanges.

I was greatly inspired by my study and life experience in Paris and Grenoble. More than 4 years of living in France also made me fall in love with French culture and life. After obtaining my MBA degree from Grenoble Ecole de Management, I decided to set up my own website to establish communication and exchange between the school and students with my professional knowledge and study experience.

Étude Boundaryless is a website for French schools and international students, providing digital marketing promotions for schools and one-to-one online courses for students.

If you are interested in my website, please leave me a message or contact me directly by:


Looking forward to hearing from you 😊

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